Friday, 29 March 2013

Folley's Frolics Part 2 - March 2013

 Happy Easter from the Folley's

Well – can you believe it’s Easter.  Hope everyone is having a great break and if you are away take care on the road.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks but we are well and truly settled in with the house sit and looking after the 2 dogs, Rosie and Lola and of course enjoying the wonderful Victorian weather and endless summer like NZ.  Our neighbours have adopted us and we have been out for dinner with a group of them and had happy hour with them sharing numerous Aussie/Kiwi stories! 

We have “almost” finished preparing the caravan with really only last minute items to put in when we depart here on the 18th April.

We have been exploring the Mornington peninsula and during the week took the coastal drive from Rye, via Rosebud, McCrae, Dromana, Mount Martha and Mornington.  We then drove across to the other side of the peninsula to Flinders (where we had a lovely lunch) and Cape Schanck (pronounced shank!) The peninsula is home to numerous vineyards, beaches, shops, arts and craft, historical areas and sporting activities. 

Have also visited Sorrento and Portsea– both very historical and beautiful parts of the Victorian coastline at the end of the peninsula and not far from where we are staying. Portsea houses the historic Quarantine Station and is the most expensive area of real estate in Australia – it is truly a beautiful coastal spot.

We have also been fishing out at the Portsea pier where Dave caught a very large squid that I cooked that evening (yummy salt n pepper squid) – the Greek & Italian locals were very impressed – although thought he was going to loose it!  They squirt their ink as they are landed which I hadn’t seen before so you have to watch out (especially if you are wearing white).  I had no luck but did enjoy trying.  The coast is home to fur seals and one was playfully rolling about the pier as we fished to the delight of the local children (and adults)!

We are loving the emails and phone calls so keep them up! And I have taken a video of the caravan so when master the technical challenges I'll upload that.

Celia and Dave

Sunday, 17 March 2013



So a momentous week for us and the dream is finally here! 

As you know we departed Auckland 27th Feb (after saying at Red Beach) with Pete and Lynn for a month arriving in Melbourne, then took the train to Shepparton to collect our 4WD that day and then the following day headed North to Ballaratt to pay for the caravan. 

We then started our housesit on the Mornington Peninsula at Rye with our two labradoodles Rosie & Lola.  All is going exceptionally well including the weather and thankfully the swimming pool - the temp's have been up to a staggering 37deg and on non official recordings - 42!!!  Just a wee bit hot - but we coped well.  And of course it was the day we visited the caravan and camping show in Melbourne - we made use of the water coolers, and found some air conditioning!  Dave managed to pick up some bargins for the van and then we headed home.

The following day we collected our boxes that we shipped from Christchurch so all went smoothly with customs and its nice to have some familiar items with us now.

Then on Thursday we drove back up to Ballarat and collected the caravan.  It was very exciting and all went well on the journey back to Rye - Dave was very pleased with how well it towed and with the fuel consumption!  When we arrived back the neighbours came out for a chat and look

In between the needed rain & cooler temps over the weekend, we have been unpacking our boxes and transferring everything into the caravan.  (We figure we are well suited to this life - a place for everything & everything in its place)!! 

Well we hope everyone is well, hopefully I've set the blog up ok and you don't have any problems viewing it - as it is the easiest way to communicate with everyone.  I will text everyone with my new Australian mobile number, keep in touch.

Folley's Frolics

Celia (Ces) & Dave (Stan)